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Visa application for China

  1. Your passport must have at least six months of remaining validity and at least 2 blank pages;​

  2. Completely filled-in visa application form;

  3. Recent standard passport photo;

  4. The applicant must show a return-trip flight ticket (a reservation is sufficient) and the following: I) a hotel reservation is required to apply for a tourist visa; II) a domestic invitation letter and a copy of the ID card of the inviter are required to apply for visiting relatives; III) to apply for a business visa, you need an invitation letter from at least one company you want to do business with and a statement of the Chinese Chamber of Commerce for that company;

  5. The application process will take 4 days if all documents are complete. It is possible to apply for express or urgent processing;

  6. The visa application is done by us and submitted to the Chinese Visa Application Service Center in The Hague for approval.

  7. Possibilities to enter the country (depending of type of visa)

    • Single entry valid for 3 months

    • Double entry valid for 6 months

    • Multi-entry valid for 6 months 

    • Multi-entry valid for 1 year

Some of the documents to be provided change regularly. Please contact us for the most recent information.

Visa application form (main form)

This form is required for all visa types and must be filled-in in electronically and then printed out.

Consent for processing personal data and biometric data

Due to EU regulations you must also sign this form to allow storing and processing personal data.

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